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Jan Overwijk

Research Interests

Capitalism and Ecology; Eco-Marxism; Ecological Economics; Theories of Value; Cybernetics


Jan Overwijk is NWO Rubicon postdoctoral researcher on the two-year project ‘Turning the Priceless into Price’ at the Institute for Social Research. He is an editor at Krisis: Journal for Contemporary Philosophy. Previously, he taught Liberal Arts & Sciences at Utrecht University (2020-2023) and completed a PhD in social philosophy at the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis at the University of Amsterdam (2015-2020).

Publications (selection)

Overwijk, Jan. 2021. “Paradoxes of Rationalisation: Openness and Control in Critical Theory and Luhmann’s Systems Theory.” Theory, Culture & Society 38(1).

Overwijk, Jan, and Anton Jäger. 2021. Measure or Misery: Hardt and Negri and the Multitude Twenty Years On.” Boundary2: An Online Journal.

Overwijk, Jan. 2020. “Autopoietic System”. Philosophy Today 63(4).

Overwijk, Jan, and Daniël de Zeeuw. 2023. “The New Clarity: Awakening in the Post-Truth Era.” New Formations,

‘Turning the Priceless into Price’, NWO Rubicon project, 2023-2025. This project studies how value is constituted at the intersection of economy and ecology by developing a critical theory of externalities. It aims to do so by staging an encounter between eco-Marxism and ecological economics.

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