Critical Sociology

The working group, which is jointly supported by the Institute for Social Research and the Department of Sociology of the Faculty of Social Sciences at Goethe University Frankfurt, sees itself as a forum for critical social research. The working group organizes the lecture series “critical sociology,” which explores starting points, objects, and effects of sociological criticism in connection with the tradition of Frankfurt School Critical Theory. In the process, the most diverse areas of society are brought into focus. The discussions are framed by cross-cutting questions that also address sociological critical practice itself with a critical (self-)reflexive orientation: Which objects can be subjected to critique, why, and from what perspective? What are the theoretical and methodological requirements of critical sociological research? What forms of criticism can be distinguished and how? In this way, the working group wants to contribute to a (self-)understanding about tasks, requirements, and goals of a critical sociology of the present in the conversation between the tradition of Critical Theory and conceptions of criticism from other traditions. Furthermore, it promotes the cooperation between the IfS and the Faculty of Social Sciences of Goethe University by promoting the networking and exchange of all researchers whose work or projects are dedicated to the questions and problems of critical sociology.


Laura Hanemann, Stephan Lessenich, Susanne Martin, Doris Schweitzer

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