Field Research

This working group is aimed at researchers conducting qualitative, empirical studies and provides a forum for exchanges among colleagues at various stages of a research project. The subject of the discussions and exchanges is not only the production of empirical knowledge, but also (self-)critical reflection on the entire research process and its situatedness, including (grounded) theory formation. With its commitment to adopting a reflexive stance on one’s own research activity, the working group locates itself in the reconstructive research tradition of Critical Theory and builds on other (inter)disciplinary approaches to critical social research. The monthly block meetings of the working group consist of consultation on cases among colleagues, joint reading of methodologicall and theoretical texts, and exchanges with invited guests. In addition, the members engage in joint interpretations of empirical material and discussions of drafts of articles or book chapters. The program is drawn up in a collegial manner, taking into consideration the challenges of the respective research projects. The discussions in the working group are continued in public lectures and workshops with guest speakers.