Bea S. Ricke

Research Interests

Feminist theory, history of the Women‘s Movement and Women‘s and Gender Studies


2023 M.A. in Sociology at Goethe University Frankfurt. 2020 to 2023 student assistant at the Chair of Sociology with a focus on Women‘s and Gender Studies at Goethe University Frankfurt. B.A. in Social Work from the Catholic University of Applied Sciences NRW, Cologne. 2023 employed as a research assistant at the Institute for Social Research in a project on the history of the IfS from a feminist perspective. Since 2024 PhD student in the doctoral programme »Dialectics of Participation« of the IfS and the Hans Böckler Foundation.

Doctoral project: »Betroffenheit«. Historical reconstruction of a controversial concept of feminist theory and movement

Forschungsprojekte am Institut (Mitarbeit)
Doctoral Researcher
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