Georg Marx
Research Interests

Regressive Movements of Modernity, Critical Theory, New Right


2014 to 2018 studies in Political Science in Leipzig. Masters degree in Political Theory from 2018 to March 2022 in Frankfurt am Main with MA thesis on the connection between pandemic denial and modern society. Since January 2020 student assistant in the events department. From March 2020 collaboration in the research project “Provisioning and Support during the SARS-CoV-2-Pandemic (VERSUS-Corona)” by Dr. Andreas Streinzer, Dr. Anna Wanka (Goethe University Frankfurt) and Almut Poppinga. Since April 2022 staff member in the area of public relations and events management.

Publications (selection)

Poppinga, Almut, Andreas Streinzer, Carolin Zieringer, Anna Wanka and Georg Marx 2021: Moralische Überforderung und die Ambivalenz des Helfen-Wollens, in Jan Beuerbach, Silke Gülker, Uta Karstein and Ringo Rösener (eds.): Sinn in der Krise. Kulturwissenschaftliche Analysen der Corona-Pandemie. Berlin: DeGruyter, 75–90.

Poppinga, Almut, Andreas Streinzer, Anna Wanka, Georg Marx and Carolin Zieringer 2021: Near Co-Laborations. The VERSUS Project as Relational Epistemic Practice to Analyse the COVID-19 Pandemic, in Kulturanthropologie Notizen 83. DOI: ‹https://doi.org/10.21248/ka-notizen.83.3›.

Poppinga, Almut, Andreas Streinzer, Carolin Zieringer, Anna Wanka and Georg Marx 2020: Familial Intimacies and the “Thing” between us. Cuddle Curtains and Desires for Detached Relationality in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, in Anthropology in Action 72. 2, 68–72.

Member of Staff Event Organization and Public Relations
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60325 Frankfurt am Main

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