Matthias Lorenz

Research Interests

Political Theory, Radical Democratic Theory, (Post-)Marxism, Deconstruction, Radical (Early) Enlightenment, Spinoza, Populism, Social Movements, Critical Theories of Anti-Semitism


Studies in Philosophy, Sociology and French Literature at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and the Université de Montréal. Ongoing PhD project at the Institute of Political Sciences in the Department of Political Theory at the University of Vienna. Since 2020 Lecturer in Political Theory at the University of Vienna and PhD scholarship holder of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation. 2022 Fellow at the Institute for Social Research.

Publications (selection)

Lorenz, Matthias, Andreasch, Robert, Buschmüller Marcus and Zwicklbauer, Alois 2017: Sachverständigengutachten für den 3. Untersuchungsausschuss der 18. Wahlperiode des Deutschen Bundestags zum Thema: Rechtsextreme Aktivitäten im Raum München seit 1996.

Lorenz, Matthias 2018: Review of van der Behrens, Antonia (Hrsg.): Kein Schlusswort – Plädoyers im NSU-Prozess, Hamburg, in Das Argument 327.

Lorenz, Matthias 2021: Review of Diefenbach, Katja: Spekulativer Materialismus. Spinoza in der postmarxistischen Philosophie, Hamburg, in Das Argument 336.

Lorenz, Matthias (forthcoming): Killing in the name of – Aktivistische Praktiken der (Ent-)Nennung des Täternamens im Kontext des antisemitischen Anschlags in Halle 2019, in Brinkmann, Christina; Krüger, Nils; Schreiter, Jakob: Der Halle-Prozess. Hintergründe und Perspektiven, Leipzig, Spector Books.

Lorenz, Matthias 2021: Iterability of Political Foundations. Reflections on a Key Concept of Democratic Theory in Early Modern and Contemporary Debates. AuPSA Annual Conference of the Austrian Political Science Association “Political Science Day 2021, Paris-Lordon University Salzburg (digital). November 26.

Lorenz, Matthias 2021: The simple that is hard to grasp. Simplicity and complexity as basic concepts of postfoundational social theory. Fall conference of the section Soziologische Theorie of the German Sociological Association (digital). November 19.

Lorenz, Matthias 2021: Antisemitic representations of “Jewish interests” in contemporary German right-wing populism. Conference Democracy and Populism. Equality, Truth, and Disagreement in the Age of Covid of the Centre for Applied Philosophy, Politics & Ethics at the University of Brighton (UK) (digital). January 21.

Lorenz, Matthias 2019: Spinoza’s Theory of Affect in recent debates on Populism and Political Subjectivity. Conference Emotions, Populism and Polarised Politics, Media, and Culture at the University of Helsinki (Finland). August 19.

A Disruptive History of Ideas of over Determination. Political Ontology – Social Movement – Radical Enlightenment

Subproject during the stay at the IfS:

Causal and Social States of Emergency: on a Democratic Critique of the Apocalyptic Imagination

IFS-CUT 0144-02
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