Work – Society – Nature

The working group comprises both IfS staff members and external interested parties and is open to all those who want to critically examine the development of (wage) labor and society.

Discussions take place, on the one hand, in the context of our own research projects and the specific questions arising from them (sketches of ideas, initial results of empirical research, etc.). On the other hand, we deal with current social developments in the field of (wage) labor and relevant (critical) positions on them. The relevant topics and corresponding texts are jointly defined according to specific needs. For the coming period, we have decided to concentrate on the areas of socio-ecological transformation, platform capitalism and social reproduction, the transnationalization of labor, the “refusal of work,” law and lawlessness in work, and the social utility orientation of work, among others. In our approach, we consider it important not to look at changes in the world of work in isolation, but always to examine the respective conceptual treatment with regard to its conception of work and social theory, how they are connected, or what insights follow from this connection for the relevant special topic.

We welcome interested parties who are open to a qualified commitment to participate.