Workshop: »Resistibility, Interruption, Refusal. Agonistic Subjectivity and Feminist Politics«

International Workshop on Radical Democracy with Bonnie Honig

Since her early works Bonnie Honig’s radical democratic thought offers a variety of critical approaches to political agency and subjectivity as well as the paradoxes of legal and constitutional processes. Her understanding of the performative nature and yet always already agonistically configured social relations can be read as an attempt to expand and radicalize political forms of critique. Resisting, interrupting and refusing become, in the light of Honig’s work, not only practices against existing realities but also the starting point for new social relations and political assemblies. In the workshop we want to further explore these notions alongside Honig’s critical reading of Arendt as well as her reinterpretation of figures like Sophocles’ Antigone and Euripides’ Agave. This agonistic, feminist and performative understanding of politics results, by way of a critique of liberal and communitarian political theories, in a broad idea of democracy as a form of life, constituted by every day practices and collective action.

Organization: Aristotelis Agridopoulos and Felix Trautmann

Further information on the program and the registration you can take from the attached PDF file.

Ort: Institut für Sozialforschung